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Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Oh, I completely forgot, Happy New year to all of you!

I plan to start a wrestling-career in 2010, my wrestler-name would be

Sherlock “The Bloodhound” Richter.

Here is a first draft for my costume:

Claus Richter Sherlock.jpg Sherlock “The Bloodhound” Richter

Listening to…

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 old Various Productions track.

I love it so much , because it´s relaxed and excited at the same time! Enjoy!

(And relax / get excited..)

The Magic Bar

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Happy new year everyone!

I had some serious trouble with my Desktop-Computer, so I changed everything and can now FINALLY blog from my laptop! Yeah!

So here we go again, please enjoy some pics from the mysterious “MAGIC BAR”, a secret bar , designed and executed by Claus Richter Studios in the basement of Castle Assenheim. (It is actually hidden under a trapdoor, which I find very exciting!)

The MAGIC BAR is multifunctional, all the little cosy lamps are connected to a 24-canal light-sequencer, so you can change their light from the warm flicker of the two fireplaces to a High-Energy-Disco-Lightshow within seconds. Its magic! (-:

Just imagine all the lights in your room could do this!

You can also find hidden buttons everywhere, press them and you can enjoy several mechanical surprises, including a small ship, fighting its way through huge imaginary waves, a dog with glowing eyes or a clock with a time on its own…Even a small rocking horse starts to rock at the press of a button.

Floor and carpet are executed in trompe l´oeil techniques, we painted everything on the plain floor, doesn´t it look real?!

So lets take a look, slowly the trapdoor opens with a creeking sound:

click pics to enlarge


Et voila, welcome!


Seen from the DJs position


Details (and two buttons)


A magic ship


And a magic bar! (And yes, the painting can shoot laserbeams out of the ladies eyes, actually it shoots heart-shaped laserbeams)